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Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy: Holistic Care and Nutrition for Dogs & Cats

After using traditional Western veterinary medicine to treat her animal patients for many years, Dr. Judy Morgan discovered a better way to help them live longer, healthier lives.

In Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy, she shares holistic therapies, recipes, and tips pet parents can use to help their pets heal rather than having to live with chronic diseases. Veterinary hospitals are overwhelmed and understaffed.

How can you avoid frequent trips for chronic disease conditions?
What is considered an emergency that needs care immediately?
What natural therapies are available when your pet is diagnosed with disease?
Are there specific diets that can help prevent and treat disease? (Hint: YES! Over 40 recipes for dogs and cats are included throughout the book!)
How can you heal your pet instead of continuing to treat only the symptoms of disease?
Allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, pancreatitis, and chronic disease can disappear with the right support.

Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and holistic veterinarian certified in acupuncture, food therapy, and chiropractic care for dogs, cats, and horses. She is a sought-after speaker and blogger at both the local, national, and international levels. She integrated Eastern and Western medicine in her two award-winning veterinary practices in New Jersey for over 36 years. For two years, she was a host on the DreamVisions7 radio network with her show Naturally Healthy Pets and has been featured in over 200 radio and television interviews. She now has her Naturally Healthy Pets Podcast on multiple channels. Dr. Morgan is passionate about working with senior pets and pet rescue, currently serving on the board of directors as the Chief Veterinary Medical Officer for Monkey’s House Senior Dog Hospice and Sanctuary. She shares her home with Hue Grant, her mother, 4 spaniels, 11 cats, 21 chickens, 3 horses, a mule, 3 donkeys, 2 hinnies, and 2 miniature horses. Her company, Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets, provides natural food, treats, and wellness supplements for dogs, cats, chickens, and horses. Her website www.drjudyu.com is filled with courses to educate pet owners worldwide.

Print Length: 370 pages

ISBN-10: 0997250178

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Dr. Judy Morgan’s (for Animal Wellness Depot™) Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy | WD-BKKPN-DJ

Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy