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Asher is smiling once again

Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment by Silver Honey - This product works fantastic! My husky mix, Asher, got a scrape on his face from playing too rough. With having thick, long fur it can be difficult to get the right ointment down to the skin. I put a little more than a pea sized amount on his scrape and within a couple days, it was completely healed! This product is a miracle worker and love how quickly it works! Got the product quick !

Hank recovers from a battle would

Thank You Animal Wellness Depot for helping Hank’s wound heal.  Hank plays ruff and tuff with his buddies in doggie daycare and at the local dog park and developed a circular sore that looked serious.  We applied the Animal Wellness Depot – Wound Care to his sore and it healed right up.  We like using natural products and we got the product quickly and service was great.  We also are reading Dr. Judy Morgan’s Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy to get tips on how to keep Hank running wild like he likes to do. He is back to business and am sure we will be using the wound care again on his next battle wound. 😊 Thank you!

Mollie is excited to make new friends

Hard Chewables Blueberry Flavor 4 mg by Treatibles - Mollie loved the Anti Inflammatory and Calming chews! They helped settle her down from her nervousness and stop chewing on her tail.

Maggie Mae can keep on wrestling

Hot Spot & Wound Care Spray Gel by Silver Honey - Maggie likes to chase and wrestle with her buddies at our local dog park and gets a lot of dings. Using the wound care is a natural quick healer for her and gets her back in the game right away. I have also enjoyed the books by Dr. Judy Morgan and I've learned a lot on things I can improve on - helping Maggie eat better and we can make better decisions regarding her wellness. We use several of the Animal Wellness Depot products like the Wound Care & Anti Inflammatory and are very happy with them!

Rizzo is ready to cuddle

No Rinse Waterless Shampoo by Dog Whisperer - If Rizzo isn’t on the couch snuggling with me, she’s outside sniffing her backyard. Those are her two favorite activities. The Animal Wellness Depot - No Rinse Waterless Shampoo by Dog Whisperer makes washing off her muddy fur simple and FAST. Using this product allows us to skip more baths and spend more time snuggling on the couch after digging around outside. It also smells good, the Lavender Spearmint scent is subtle, leaving our blankets smelling fresh!

Daisy is doing great

Hard Chewables Extra Strength 10 mg by Treatibles - The CBD chews have really helped Daisy so much with her leg. We have also enjoyed reading the books by Dr. Judy Morgan and they have given us a lot of tips on how to help Daisy stay healthy.  Great information!

Ollie is comfy once again

Flea & Tick Home Treatment Spray by Dog Whisperer - While Ollie would prefer to spend his entire day on the sofa, he does like to explore outside once in a while. Since we started using the Tick & Flea Home Treatment Spray by Dog Whisperer, we noticed Ollie not itching as much as he used to. This means he’s able to sleep well on the couch next to us without getting interrupted by an itch. We use the treatment spray on his doggie bed, our comforter, and our couch to help prevent a tick or flea infestation in our home. The essential oils smell so wonderful, too! I like to suggest this product to my friends to use as their primary tick & flea prevention.