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The Dog Promotional Bandana by Jump Dog™ – Customized is a bright and vibrant and made from 100% cotton, ensuring not only a visually appealing look but also a soft and comfortable feel.

The fabric’s natural softness is enhanced with each wash, promising an increasingly cozy experience for your furry friend.

Customize it with your Company’s logo!

The Dog Promotional Bandana stands out as a vivid and lively accessory crafted from 100% cotton, guaranteeing not just an eye-catching appearance but also a plush and comfortable touch. What sets this bandana apart is its customizable feature, allowing businesses to effortlessly imprint their company’s logo on the fabric. By personalizing the bandana with a brand logo, companies can turn it into a powerful promotional tool.

Whether distributed at events, used as part of a marketing campaign, or included in merchandise offerings, the branded bandana becomes a walking advertisement for your business. This not only enhances brand visibility but also fosters a sense of loyalty among pet owners.

The inclusion of a designated space, often in the form of a dog bone, allows pet owners to personalize the accessory by writing their dog’s name on it. This personal touch not only adds a sense of identity but also serves as a helpful feature in places like parks. Now, when you and your dog enter the park, friends and fellow pet owners can easily identify your canine companion by their name on the dog bone, fostering a sense of community and making connections between pets and their owners. The Jump Dog™ Bandana is delightfully stylish, comfortable, and functional and enhances both the visual appeal and the practicality of this pet accessory.

One Size: 31” x 16” triangle

Single bandana or case pack of 100 folded and individually packaged

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Animal Wellness Depot™ Dog Promotional Bandana by Jump Dog™ – Customized