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The Commercial Dog Bowl by The Dog Park Company – Customized, adorned with an anti-rust powder-coat and boasting a pristine, smooth finish, is a reliable and durable option for dog-friendly establishments with high traffic, such as doggie daycares.

With a generous 24-ounce capacity and dimensions of 7.75 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height, this sturdy dog bowl provides ample space for canine companions to enjoy their meals or stay hydrated. Its resilient construction ensures longevity, even in environments where wear and tear are inevitable. Its sleek design facilitates easy cleaning, making it a practical choice for establishments that prioritize hygiene and efficiency. This dog bowl caters to the specific needs of businesses focused on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their four-legged visitors.

The Commercial Dog Bowl goes beyond by prioritizing pet safety. Crafted with non-toxic materials and designed to meet the highest standards, this bowl offers peace of mind to pet owners and facility managers alike. Its wide, stable base minimizes the risk of spills, making it an excellent choice for busy environments where dogs may be eager to indulge in their meals or refreshments.

Customize it with your company’s logo!

A customized dog bowl adorned with your company’s logo becomes a highly beneficial and strategic accessory in high-traffic areas like dog parks, dog bars, or doggie daycares.

It serves as a visible and memorable branding tool, promoting your company to a wide audience of pet owners. The repeated exposure to your logo enhances brand recognition and establishes a connection with the pet-owning community.

A branded dog bowl becomes a focal point, drawing attention and creating a positive association with your business. It reinforces a sense of professionalism and care, as pet owners witness your commitment to providing quality products.

The practical utility of the customized dog bowl ensures that pet owners will regularly interact with and appreciate your brand, fostering a positive and lasting impression. This subtle yet effective form of advertising can significantly contribute to building a loyal customer base within the pet-centric market.


  • Painted with an anti-rust powder-coat
  • 24oz Bowl
  • 7.75″ dia x 3″H
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Available in red or white

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Animal Wellness Depot™ The Commercial Dog Bowl by The Dog Park Company – Customizable

The Commercial Dog Bowl – Customizable